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Tailoring real estate

At Caktus, golf is our lifestyle, golf properties our signature.
We select outstanding penthouses and villas in the idyllic golf resorts of the most beautiful regions of Europe. Whether to invest, live, have a second home, or a holiday resort, we accompany you until you find the finest home in the perfect place for you and your family.


From golfer to golfer

Caktus combines the vision of golf properties with the sense of luxury real estate, always with a golfer glance. That’s how we innovate the luxury golf real estate industry with a specialized approach and another vision. A vision tinged with passion for golf, adherence to its philosophy and appeal to its life- style. Who better than golfers to understand golfers?


Not only do we like to represent luxury real estate in the most beautiful golf resorts in the world, we also take great pleasure in helping our clients find the perfect prime properties and make sure that this purchase is a safe and profitable investment over time. To achieve this goal, we place their interests at the center and their demand above. We treat each client with the same care: high availability, attentive listening and responsiveness to the best opportunities allow us to provide seamless support.

We work closely with Charles Kent, the first developer 100% dedicated to golf properties who has developed the ability to acquire real estate in highly sought-after resorts, where the sup- ply of buildable land is extremely limited due to the evergrowing demand.

Match your home
to your passion

We have established a relation- ship of trust with several local agencies that share our values and expertise. Our close collaboration allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our cus- tomers and always remain agile.

Meet your brokers :

We are brokers and golfers, specialists and enthusiasts, with a deeply human approach. We have established a relationship of trust with several local agencies that share our values and expertise. Our close collaboration allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and always remain agile.

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Property broker

Romain has been immersed in real estate since childhood. It must be said that with a father real estate developerand a mother manager of a real estate agency, the passion for beautiful stone is transmitted from one generation to the next. At the age of 25, he opened his own agency in Saint-Raphaël and then became real estate director of Terre Blanche. The resort will become his playground to practice his favorite sport, which you guessed, golf ! Romain cultivates a relationship of trust with each of his clients, based on communication and transparency. His expertise, attention to detail and sympathy are all valuable assets. Romain speaks English, French and Spanish.



Back Office Manager

Stéphane was born and raised in France before joining England and Spain, where he has lived at the Manga Club for 27 years. A graduate of a business school, he began his career in a law and tax firm. This experience has made him an outstanding lawyer, unbeatable in legal and tax procedures, especially on behalf of non-residents. From the purchase contract to the signature before the notary, Stéphane will be your privileged advisor. His 360° vision of real estate and expertise will contribute to the success of your project. Stéphane speaks English, French and Span- ish. If you are wondering if he is a golf lover, his place of residence is a serious clue.

Feel the emotion of living in the place of your dreams. Experience the unique, live passionately.

Sold properties

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